Jewels Without Price

Jewels Without Price

- By: Sophy Boyle 1st February 2017

On the same day that Wyvern and Star was released, I delivered the manuscript of its sequel, Jewels Without Price, to my editor.

JWP has a rather different feel to Wyvern and Star. The characters scatter in separate directions, so there are four of five stories running in parallel. Keeping the various threads up in the air felt like a juggling act at times. There are several big new personalities and, inevitably, we lose a few old friends along the way.

The story opens a couple of days before the close of Wyvern and Star, heading straight to Dyffryn Hall to discover the truth of the reported marriage between Alice de Vere and Simon Loys.

I had so much fun writing this story! There’s an exotic poison, a curse, a ghost, a stolen letter, a love potion and a secret chamber as well as the requisite plotting, slaughtering and sex. And Eleanor Percy in armour!

I hope the book will be ready to publish before the end of 2017. I’ll post a picture of the cover when it’s done.


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